Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Expose Evil 99 flyers Pledge-Simply highlight below flyer right click and print a flyers then make copies (In page range area- Make sure you select *SELECTION)

Open Your Eyes...You've Been Lied To... 

    Go To-
Allegedly a mentally unstable young man  entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Shot 20 children and six adults dead with assault style weapons.

See Evidence Of The Hoax Which Includes:
*News footage cuts and re-takes of supposed live evacuation scenes
*A mother using secret hand signals to help her young child remember her lines during a sham news interview
* Actors portraying ATF agents
*A director caught directing the action on alleged real news footage
* Evidence of props use to enhance the shooting scene
*A Chicago Police Survey on the actions of the Officials at Sandy Hook on the day of the shooting
*Evidence of on camera child abuse
* Ridicules impossible claims of things that happened at the School on the day of the shooting
* A secret trip by the Connecticut Governor one year before the hoax
* Laughter from a parent on the day his child was allegedly murdered
* Evidence of the secret society- Freemasons involvement in the hoax

Once your eyes are open, will you help expose this evil perpetrated on the American People. Pledge to distribute 99 of these flyers and expose the evil.

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